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Fishing conditions can vary and the Captain will cancel due to unsafe conditions such as lightening. However, Code Blue will fish in the rain and wind. If your trip is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions, it may be rescheduled or refunded.

Avoid rich foods and excessive alcohol the night before. Eat a light breakfast. If taking motion sickness medication please follow directions.

Unfortunately yes, due to the cost involved and limited trip availability. If you think you may be prone to motion sickness, we do suggest a motion sickness pill. If you will be taking a motion sickness pill please follow directions.

The crew of the Code Blue work hard to ensure your trip is successful and enjoyable. Their day starts at least an hour before your trip and can extend several hours afterwards. Trip pricing does not include tips for the mate.

Dress for comfort. Bring sunscreen, camera, sunglasses, jacket (even in summer) and wear light colored sole shoes. Bring a small cooler for lunch and snacks you will also need a cooler to transport your catch.

Code Blue is proud to provide you with all the equipment necessary. Please respect the boat and equipment, as it is very expensive to replace if damaged or lost overboard.

The Code Blue crew will clean and bag all your fish for you.

Yes, the Michigan DNR requires licenses.  One-day fishing licenses can be acquired and are available and on-line.  However the state of Michigan does not require a fishing license if under the age of 17.


The Code Blue is U.S. Coast Guard licensed for 6 passengers. Larger parties may be accommodated with multiple boats. Contact Us for more information.

We will be after any one of the following:
Chinook Salmonfish_chinook

Brown Troutfish_browntrout
Coho Salmonfish_coho
Rainbow Troutfish_steelhead
Lake Troutfish_laketrout